Deep in the heart of England lived a legend...
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Hello from Belgium!
Пост #1 написан 04.09.11 в 18:24
Hello Everyone! =)
So glad I found your site via google!
I've been a Jonas Armstrong fan and a Robin Hood BBC series fan for 5 years now, from the very first episode, back in 2006. (time flies lol)
I'm also a member of the German Jonas Armstrong forum =D

I'd love to participate in the main forum, but sadly don't know any Russian sad But from what google chrome can translate for me, you really are a very nice group of people! biggrin
So I'll be looking forward on posting here in the English section!
Пост #2 написан 04.09.11 в 18:32
Welcome to the forum, Nikki081! Nice to see here another foreign fan of BBC Robin Hood! smile
Пост #3 написан 04.09.11 в 18:33
Hello, Nikki081! It's so great that you decided to join us smile I look forward to seeing you on the board wink
Пост #4 написан 04.09.11 в 18:35
BTW, may I ask you, Nikki081, in what language the serial was shown in Belgium - German, Dutch or French? Thanks in advance smile
Пост #5 написан 04.09.11 в 19:24
Nikki081, hello!! smile
I'm glad to see you on the our forum. happy
Пост #6 написан 04.09.11 в 20:20
biggrin Hello Nikki! Haven't seen *you* in a while! wink
Лысый, полный и коварный
Пост #7 написан 04.09.11 в 20:44
glad to see you!
Пост #8 написан 04.09.11 в 21:43
Thank you for the warm welcome!

Robin hood was shown on a digital channel in Belgium, last year and it was shown in English with dutch subtitles.
I watched the series on BBC One as it aired in 2006 til end of series 3 biggrin

All UK and US series are subtitled in Dutch when they air on a Belgian channel (same goes for movies too )

Lol yes hi Rieke ;p
Пост #9 написан 04.09.11 в 21:54
Nikki081, tnanks! I think it's cool to watch this show in original smile
Пост #10 написан 04.09.11 в 22:33
Nikki081, hello there! Hope you'll enjoy chatting here. smile
Пост #11 написан 05.09.11 в 00:54
Thanks Horn! smile

@Dominata : I don't think I could watch Jonas in any other language but in English (I'd miss his lovely voice and accent too much ;p )
Пост #12 написан 05.09.11 в 01:00
Nikki081, well, I've seen several European dubs (French, Hungarian, Italian...), sometimes it was really funny to watch, but yes, the original English voices are the best smile
Team Handsome Club
Пост #13 написан 05.09.11 в 11:15
Nikki081, hello! Welcome! Happy posting here! biggrin
Is that a coincidence I'm having a business trip to Belgium tomorrow? biggrin
Maybe you can tell us something about yourself, if that's okey, of cause? Do you study or work? Why RH hooked you?
Пост #14 написан 06.09.11 в 17:52
I have a Masters degree in History of Art and I've decided to go back to uni this October for 1 more year to get my Teacher's degree biggrin Ideally would either like to teach History or be a schoolgroup guide in a museum or something like it .

I always liked the story of Robin Hood since I was very young. Grew up with the Disney fox =) And then there was Prince of thieves with Kevin Costner when I was 10 I
So anyways when I saw the trailer for a new Robin Hood series on BBC One back in 2006, I was immediately hooked!
Not only for the story but gosh, I still remember I had to watch to see more of that actor i'd never seen before ;p

It's fair to say Jonas was enough to make me watch episode 1 and rest as they say is history ;p (5 years on now and still a fan!)
The Harpy
Пост #15 написан 10.09.11 в 10:10
Nikki081, welcome!
Пост #16 написан 10.09.11 в 10:36
Hey Nikki08

I'm not really a big fan of Jonas, but I did like him with Lara Pulver and when he was in Ghost Squad. Welcome to the board. I actually have a lovely friend in belguim.
Пост #17 написан 12.09.11 в 16:19
Oh that's ok, I know you either really like Jonas, or not so much ;p.
That said I've watched Richard Armitage in almost all his projects, long before he did Robin Hood , so they are both great actors biggrin
Пост #18 написан 16.09.11 в 16:56
I've actually made some Robin wallpapers and avatars. You are welcome to them smile
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