Deep in the heart of England lived a legend...
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Robin Hood Weeks Challenge
Пост #81 написан 27.11.11 в 10:41
Quote (leahday)
what's the next poll????

Patience, patience smile The next poll, Best Series Soundtrack/Musical Theme, will be started tomorrow (BTW, we've just reached the middle of our project...).
Пост #82 написан 28.11.11 в 00:54
So, as I've expected, Guy and Marian won (6 votes) smile Five people had chosen Robin and Marian , 4 votes got William Scarlett and Djaq. Little John and his wife Alice got one vote.

Thanks to all for voting! It's 15 polls ahead, so keep taking part in our fun! This week we choose Best Series Soundtrack/Musical Theme. You can download First Season soundtrack here (password: Fox137).

Listen to the music... and make your choice (good God, I'm speaking like the Phantom of the Opera biggrin )
Пост #83 написан 28.11.11 в 06:07
Ohhh ... Guy riding into Locksley or the Marian and Robin theme?

I actually prefer the music from S 3 Meg's death theme, Also Marian's from S 2, and Marian's afterlife music were so lovely, it's a shame there isn't a version without dialogue.

I choose "No way out" from the Guy and Marian S 1 proposal scene
Team Handsome Club
Пост #84 написан 28.11.11 в 17:58
leahday,Rieke thanks you so much for being with us and taking time to vote in the challenge! I'm very happpy you joined in and liking this idea! Thank you so much! smile
Пост #85 написан 29.11.11 в 07:04
No worries, this is a lot of fun!
Пост #86 написан 04.12.11 в 00:21
Quote (Schmetterling)
leahday , Rieke thanks you SO much for Being with us and Taking time to vote in the Challenge! I'm very happpy you joined in and liking this idea! Thank you so much!

Well, I believe if you join a forum, you should participate in the chats and contribute something to the community. That's what I try to do. I don't like people who join a forum to just lurk. (Thought I know from personal experience there are fan forums around where you have to be careful what you say and thus prefer to remain silent... but this certainly isn't the case here. Everyone is really lovely. wink )

Back on topic: I love the Robin Hood soundtrack. Andy Price did an extraordinary job. Among my personal favourites are the Robin Hood Theme (in all its versions), Robin and Marian and Outlaws.

But I'll go for "Rescue".
The Harpy
Пост #87 написан 04.12.11 в 23:10
Quote (Rieke)
But I'll go for "Rescue".

I'm with you! biggrin
Пост #88 написан 04.12.11 в 23:32
So, dear listeners, here is Sherwoodforest Hit Parade biggrin

#1 tracks are... Robin Hood Theme (2 votes) and Rescue (2 votes, too).
Also our top-list included: A love that cannot be, Iron man, Marian's Theme, The Nightwatchman, Gisborne’s trap and No way out.

leahday, Rieke, thanks for voting!

This week we'll choose Favorite Actor in TV Series. Whom you liked most? May be, after watching RH, you've become his big fan? Jonas Armstrong, Richard Armitage, Keith Allen, Sam Troughton, Harry Lloyd, Joe Armstrong... Please post your thoughts about this wonderful men!
Пост #89 написан 05.12.11 в 13:11
interesting. I was not sure whether to chose Robin Hood Theme or Rescue lol

This week's vote is easy. Running the German fansite at , I will vote for Jonas Armstrong, obviously. wink
Пост #90 написан 12.12.11 в 12:01
As it was expected, Richard Armitage won (6 votes). Jonas Armstrong got 4 votes. Three forum members chose Keith Allen. Also Dexter Fletcher, Joe Armstrong and Sam Troughton were mentioned (one vote each actor).

Thanks to all for voting! This week, as you can guess, we'll choose Favorite Actress in TV Series smile
Пост #91 написан 14.12.11 в 16:12
Lucy Griffiths. She's just adorable and makes a fantastic Marian.
Пост #92 написан 19.12.11 в 06:40
Here's the results: 8 people called Lucy Griffits choose their favorite actress, so she's the winner! Also our forum members like Lara Pulver (7 votes), Andali Jay (3 votes), Joanne Froggatt (1 vote) and Holliday Grainger (1 vote).

Thanks to all for voting! Join us this week - we'll choose The Most Spectacular Negative Character. Who is the Mister Evil of the show? Sheriif, Guy of Gisborne, Prince John or someone else? Please, vote!
Пост #93 написан 20.12.11 в 11:05
Personally I think Wichester (For England!) was very creepy. And PJ, too. But I'll go for Gisborne, because he killed Marian, abandoned his child, looked away when the Sheriff tortured his friend Lambert, tried to kill the King, stabbed Robin, tried to force Marian to marry him, burned down Knighton... shall I continue?! wink i am sure you'll get my point.
Пост #94 написан 20.12.11 в 13:28
Rieke, but for me he is still to good to be bad biggrin
Пост #95 написан 21.12.11 в 13:17
Quote (Gisborne)
Rieke, but for me he is still to good to be bad

lol That's all right. wink

Besides I guess the attrection of the actor has a lot to do with how you see a character. I didn't know RA before RH so I saw GoG as the person he usually is in the RH stories; the baddy. It was only after RH that I saw him in other movies and grew to like him. So personally I like the actor, I just don't like the character he is playing. GoG is supposed to be the bad guy, and as such he is great! wink So great he deserves to win this competition.
Пост #96 написан 24.12.11 в 05:51
I'd say Vasey. Guy was never evil. He was badly influenced and insecure. He had too many shades of grey to call him evil. PJ was just a brat who needed a few harsh words from mum,
Пост #97 написан 25.12.11 в 23:13
Here are the results. I think that it was obvious that Vasey will win (10 votes) biggrin 3 forum members chose PJ and 3 does Rufus (from Season 3). "The Angel of Death" Joseph got one vote and one person called Guy of Gisborne the most spectacular negative character.

Thanks to all for voting!

Next week there'll be no voting. Let's conclude the show - what if it weren't closed? What would you like to see in Season 4? What about main characters? Make up storylines and share your fantasies!
Пост #98 написан 28.12.11 в 10:00
ok ... Kate and Archer get together. Isabella is still alive and is grieving because she has lost everything. PJ returns and restores nottingham. He sells Isabella to a noble who plans to "diclipline her, Archer saves Isabella from a near marriage despite Kate's protests, Isabella becomes an outlaw and falls for Meg's cousin who later becomes an outlaw as well.

Tuck dies, sorry never liked him, will and Djaq return so do Annie and Seth and Eve.

Guy, Meg, Marian, Allan and robin make frequent appearances. Possibly rated M and I'd like Isabella's new love to be either a kind and gentle man who looks like Dmitri in s 2 of Spooks or a Meg look a like.

That's me!
Пост #99 написан 04.01.12 в 20:26
leahday, thank you for ideas!

Good God, I'm still in New Year mood and nearly forgotten about new week of our project, sorry sad

This time again there'll be no poll - we'll think of new storyline for a RH Character. Imagine - BBC decided to film some spin-off show about original character from Robin Hood - Sheriff, Much, Allan or Guy of Gisborne. What would you like to see? Vasey's way to power? Allan's life before he joined Robin's gang? Archer's adventures?
Пост #100 написан 05.01.12 в 05:06
Hmmm ... Guy, Allan or Vasey or Meg and Isabella

Guy and Isabella too depressing,

Maybe Marian after RH left her for the holyland and how she and Guy became friends

I'd go for Allan since it would be really funny
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