Deep in the heart of England lived a legend...
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Robin Hood Weeks Challenge
Пост #121 написан 01.02.12 в 05:57
Ritiche-Nottingham's this way
Gog-It's this way
Ritichie-No, that's Knighton. We're going to Nottingham
GoG-Do you want me to feed you?
Ritchie-I can just buck you off and eat the grass
GoG-insubordinate horse!
Ritchie-leather loving pansy!
Пост #122 написан 01.02.12 в 23:23
leahday, +1 biggrin What about your "The little mermaid" fic? How is it processed?
Пост #123 написан 02.02.12 в 05:54
It's going really well, I've nearly finished it and am working on a prequel.
Пост #124 написан 06.02.12 в 08:56
leahday, thanks again for your ideas - it was the interesting week and we had so much fun writing about werewolves/fairies/other fantastic creatures smile

New poll is about things we'd like to see happen in "Robin Hood" - I think, I don't need to explain smile Wished your favorite characters were together or returned for the next episode/season? Remember - later we'll talk about things that we didn't like in the series (but they happened).
Пост #125 написан 07.02.12 в 04:52
Let me see.

So many things.


Marian kissing Guy

Guy's S 3 hair

guy kissing Meg


Shirtless Guy

Kate and Allan's butcher shop scene

Isabella and Robin

Robin and Guy's forest fight

Marian's punches

Isabella's legs

Prince John

Guy's betrothal ring for Marian, so much nicer then the wedding ring and so much simpler then Robin's.

Marian's burnt orange dress

Vasey getting covered in pitch

Marian's wedding dress

The bay horse Guy gives to Marian, I swear RA was still laughing.

Marian's red dress

Ok, that's a lot, but I was over-excited, lol
Пост #126 написан 08.02.12 в 23:34
leahday, thanks you for listing your favorite things! smile
BTW, if you were a screenwriter, what would you added to the series? I believe, that is something with Guy and Marian, right? biggrin
Пост #127 написан 09.02.12 в 08:10
Well, I would have given Guy a chance to be seen at the end of ep 13 s3 with Meg and Allan. I thought though he died doing a good thing, it was a litte unfair. Perhaps just a brief scene of him looking at Maz & Rh then Meg comes up and smiles at him and then he, meg and Allan go off into the sunset together.

I;m wondering if Guy's lack of an after life scene was due to the fact that RA was dancing around the idea of a spin off?

Also, I would have brought Marian and Matthew back just to haunt Guy, And kept Meg and PJ around for a lot longer.

PS, posted "She dreams" in my fan fic section
Пост #128 написан 15.02.12 в 00:13
So, this week poll is open! Let's talk about things that we didn't like in the series (but they, alas, happened). Anything that, in your opinion, odd or strange or just couldn't have been done.

leahday, thanks for posting your fic! smile
Пост #129 написан 15.02.12 в 02:29
ohhh. No Guy at the ending, Guy hitting Isabella, Guy killing Matthew, Tuck, Robin's attitude toward Marian, Kate's attitude toward Isabella. Meg being killed off. Allan being killed off, Allan not sticking with Guy, Guy barely showing any emotion at Allan's funeral, Archer being afraid of Guy while he was dying, this is a lot.
The last one, and I'm sorry but lastly Much, I can't stand him. I think I dislike Much as much people dislike Kate. He has a few good moments, but I really did warm to the character.
Пост #130 написан 20.02.12 в 10:11
leahday, thanks! smile

This week we'll dream about who could have been a couple, I mean, characters that have not been in love in the series, but could be perfect together... Your ideas? happy
P.S. Beautiful avatar!!!
Пост #131 написан 21.02.12 в 05:07
Hmmm, I'd like a Justine Waddell character like Tess or Estella or Zoya to come in series three. She met Guy in PJ's court and follows him to Notty. They become lovers at the end and leave with Allan and his Sophia Myles look a like character who is a funny part time drunkard but is great with a sword aso also the mother of Allan's baby in series 1
Пост #132 написан 21.02.12 в 05:07
PS, glad you like the avvie!
Пост #133 написан 27.02.12 в 06:37
leahday, what season is your favorite? smile We just started this poll in Russian section.
Пост #134 написан 27.02.12 в 16:10
Hmmm .... Possibly series 3 because you learn more about Guy and he develops more. I want to say series 2 because of Guallan and Guy/Marian, but series 3 is my ultimate favourite.
Пост #135 написан 29.02.12 в 06:43
leahday, thanks! I can say that almost all will choose season 2 (as me - because of Guy and Marian storyline love ).
Пост #136 написан 02.03.12 в 04:50
I loved S 2, but it was so interesting to see Guy without Marian. In a way, a small way, it was a better series. Robin and Isabella were excellent. Kate was a lot of fun and Guy was evolving into a different person.
Пост #137 написан 03.03.12 в 11:44
Quote (leahday)
it was so interesting to see Guy without Marian

I see smile But nethertheless I would love to see them happily ever after biggrin
Пост #138 написан 03.03.12 в 17:09
Пост #139 написан 06.03.12 в 21:46
Well, we've just started the last (!!!) poll of our project. What will you choose - the first or last episode of RH? The very beginning of the story or that epic final?
Пост #140 написан 07.03.12 в 10:56
hmmm. Can I choose neither because the inbetween eps were my favourite, lol

Ok, to be fair, the finale. They are always tension rising.

New poll idea.

Would anyone like to join Leah's Lucy or Lara forums, lol! Kidding, just having a wee princess moment here.
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