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How to write about horses in fan fic
Пост #1 написан 21.11.11 в 11:47
How to write about horses in fan fic

Ok, you have a scene with a horse and you have no idea what to do, come here!

First thing's first. You are not stupid, but it does help to cover the aspects of the animal and riding so your writing does not seem forced.

In here, we can ask questions. share stories, etc. But most importantly, we can help each other.

First off, we're going to tackle the most common mistake. Colours

The most frequently made error is when the writer calls Guy's horse black. It isn't, it's brown. guy has never ridden a black horse. The way you can check if it's brown is by looking at it's nose. If it appears orange, it's brown. If the coat appears brown but there is no orange to be seen, it's a dirty black or a faded black.

This is a black horse-
This is a brown horse -

Marian rides a white horse. She doesn't. She rides a light grey. A grey horse will have a black nose or a greyish nose like this


It also looks like this -

A white horse, or albino, should look like this - http://www.just-whatever....2009/04/albino-horse.jpg Pink eyes and a pink mouth, note, this is primarily an american colour. if you don't know what colours to use, here is a list of safe shades.

dirty/faded black
Light or dark brown
Blue/Red/Strawberry roan
All types of grey
all types of bay

If you want to, you could make an AU fic. Guy rides in on an albino stallion because he is a goody now. Just remember, it does help to be accurate sometimes.

meanwhile, check out this handy site.

Форум » Сайт и форум » We Are Robin Hood » How to write about horses in fan fic
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